Product Description

VNX Monitoring and Reporting provides basic performance and capacity monitoring and reporting for VNX, CLARiiON, and Celerra storage systems.

Available as a free software download via EMC Support, VNX Monitoring and Reporting enables your organization to collect and analyze data from your storage environment through intelligent reports and dashboards.

  • Easy Navigation: The web portal and access to pre-configured reports provide expedited insight into troubleshooting and storage trends.
  • Unified Data Capture: Provides data collection and details from block and file storage, virtual provisioning, FAST Cache, FAST VP, and file-level deduplication.
  • Compatibility: Supports VNX storage systems, as well as qualifying CLARiiON and Celerra systems.

For enhanced monitoring and reporting functionality, including support for multiple arrays, custom dashboards and reports, and end-to-end visualization, ViPR SRM offers broader scope and scale.