Product Description

Rapidly scale and simplify your VMware environment with VCE VxRail hybrid hyper-converged infrastructure appliances (HCIAs). Co-developed by EMC and VMware, VCE VxRail provides software-defined storage, compute, management and orchestration, and data protection in a 2U, 4-node building block. 

VxRail hybrid appliances are configured with SSD cache and HDD storage for high performance and lower cost. Great for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), hybrid cloud, and server virtualization. And VxRail is easy to deploy in small and medium data centers, department and ROBO sites, and at the enterprise edge. 

Pick the VxRail hybrid appliance that fits your use case and expand by the node. Grow non-disruptively to 64 nodes (16 appliances) in a cluster.

VxRail Hybrid Appliance Cores Memory (RAM) Storage Capacity
VxRail 60    24 Up to 256 GB 14.4 TB — 40 TB
VxRail 120    48 Up to 1024 GB 14.4 TB — 40 TB
VxRail 160    64 Up to 2048 GB 14.4 TB — 40 TB
VxRail 200    80 Up to 2048 GB 14.4 TB — 40 TB
Specifications above represent a fully populated 2U, 4-node appliance

Key features:

  • Integrated, preconfigured, and pretested by a single EMC and VMware product team
  • Includes up to 800 GB SSD caching per node
  • Delivers management and orchestration, resiliency, and quality of service
  • Scales out linearly
  • Provides a single point of support for appliance software and hardware