Product Description

EMC VPLEX Metro delivers continuous availability for mission-critical applications when you need data located safely across 2 data centers. With VPLEX, you can achieve zero application downtime and zero data loss, even during an unplanned equipment or full site failure. 

VPLEX Metro creates an active-active infrastructure that enables simultaneous read/write data access across two data centers. Your existing cluster applications such as Oracle RAC, VMware HA, and others will provide superior application protection across data centers, without requiring changes to the software.

VPLEX Metro’s active-active infrastructure also allows you to optimize hardware resources and performance by running applications across both sites. Get non-disruptive data mobility for moving virtual machines and applications between data centers for real-time workload balancing.

And you can combine VPLEX Metro (version 5.4 and higher) with EMC RecoverPoint (not included) to create a MetroPoint topology. The MetroPoint topology is the industry’s first multi-site, high availability solution with continuous disaster recovery. You can keep your business running through simultaneous failures at multiple sites.

EMC VPLEX Metro is available in three versions:

  • VPLEX single engine (2 directors) supports up to 750 K read/write IOs/sec and 5.8 GB/sec bandwidth
  • VPLEX dual engine (4 directors) supports up to 1.5 M read/write IOs/sec and 11.6 GB/sec bandwidth
  • VPLEX quad engine (8 directors) supports up to 3 M read/write IOs/sec and 23.2 GB/sec bandwidth

Key features:

  • Virtualizes storage providing read/write access to the same data at the same time on arrays across distance
  • Supports up to 16,000 virtual volumes per VPLEX Metro cluster
  • VPLEX Unisphere interface with wizard-based 4-step provisioning
  • Certified on Vblock, VSPEX and VMware
  • Supports multi-site disaster recovery (VPLEX 5.4 and higher) when used with EMC RecoverPoint in a MetroPoint topology