Product Description

Enable quick recovery of VMware virtual machines to any point in time. EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines provides continuous data protection (CDP) for operational recovery and disaster recovery. You’ll manage your VM protection simply and efficiently.

vAdmins and enterprise application owners can set and manage their VM data protection through a plug-in to VMware vCenter. Automated provisioning and DR orchestration make it easier to meet your recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

EMC RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines is hypervisor-based, software-only data replication that integrates with VMware vCenter (customer supplied).

Key features:

  • Protect VMware virtual machines with granular recovery to the VM level
  • Use orchestration to enable test, failover, and failback to any point in time
  • Replicate VMs (VMDK and RDM) locally and remotely
  • Support replication policies over any distance: synchronous, asynchronous, or dynamic
  • Use consistency groups for fast, application-consistent recovery of VMs
  • Optimize WAN bandwidth use with data compression and deduplication
  • Support any storage array on the VMware hardware compatibility list (HCL)
  • Manage data protection using the familiar vSphere Web Client user interface