Product Description

Consolidate your unstructured Big Data into a single pool with an EMC Isilon X210. Isilon X210 storage offers you plenty of operational flexibility with its built-in multiprotocol support and a design that balances capacity and performance. Isilon X210 is an easy way to get started with the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS platform, EMC Isilon.

Select a preconfigured EMC Isilon X210 solution for fast, simple deployment or request a quote to build your own:

  • 60 TB: 3-node Isilon X210 cluster
  • 100 TB: 3-node Isilon X210 cluster
  • 230 TB: 7-node Isilon X210 cluster

Add more nodes to your cluster in minutes to expand capacity and performance predictably. There’s no need to move data to the additional nodes manually — it happens automatically and your solution remains easy to manage.

Key features:

  • Includes 12 drives per node in a 2U chassis with choice of HDD and SSD drive options
  • Supports multiple protocols including NFS, SMB, HTTP, FTP, and HDFS
  • Simplifies management with EMC Isilon OneFS single file system and single volume architecture
  • Available security options include data encryption and file system auditing
  • Cuts costs with more than 80% storage utilization and data deduplication options
  • Combines with other Isilon platforms to form a flexible data lake foundation