Product Description

Bring the best performance, scalability, and availability to your storage area network when you choose EMC Connectrix B-Series or Connectrix MDS Series enterprise directors.

Use high-speed Fibre Channel and FICON switching to connect up to thousands of servers to shared storage systems. EMC Connectrix SAN directors are ready for the mission-critical requirements of your hybrid or private cloud storage network.

EMC Connectrix Fibre Channel Directors, available models:

  • ED-DCX8510-8B: 512 ports max, 16 Gbps, FCP, FICON, FCiP and FCoE support
  • ED-DCX8510-4B: 192 ports max, 16 Gbps, FCP, FICON, FCiP and FCoE support
  • MDS-9706: 192 ports max, 16Gbps, FCP, FCoE and FICON support
  • MDS-9710: 384 ports max, 16 Gbps, FCP, FCoE and FICON support
  • MDS-9718: 768 ports max, 16 Gbps, FCP and FCoE

Key features:

  • Offers assurance of EMC E-Lab Proven interoperability
  • Provides Fibre Channel connectivity of up to 16 gigabits per second
  • Scales up to 768 ports per system
  • Ensures high availability and failover with redundant components
  • Offers multiprotocol support: Fibre Channel, FCiP, FICON, and FCoE
  • Uses resilient SAN features to automatically monitor your SAN environment
  • Includes 3-year hardware warranty and choice of EMC Enhanced or Premium Support