Product Description

Accelerate your journey to the cloud with EMC Cloud Advisory Service. This service evaluates your application workloads, determines which ones would benefit from migration to the cloud, and helps you decide on the best cloud deployment model.

You’ll build on best practices that EMC Global Services has developed during thousands of application modernization engagements. Start planning the infrastructure you need for IT as a service (ITaaS).

The EMC Cloud Advisory Service uses automated discovery and analysis to optimize placement of applications in the cloud. Analyzing the application portfolio with our platform is 50% faster and requires 75% fewer client resources than assembling the data manually.

Key features of the EMC Cloud Advisory Service:

  • Application alignment maps your applications to business processes
  • Application suitability identifies applications that are right for cloud delivery
  • Cloud placement recommends the optimal hybrid, private, or public cloud model
  • Financial impact analyzes savings and costs linked to proposed cloud delivery models